Patella (Knee Cap) Stablisation

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Patella (Knee Cap) Stablisation

A patella stabilisation operation is a surgical procedure used to correct knee instability caused by dislocated kneecaps or abnormal tracking of the kneecap. The goal of the surgery is to reduce pain and improve stability in the joint by restoring proper support to the kneecap. It may include realignment of bones (osteotomy), reconstruction of the major checkrein ligament known as the medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) or tightening and adjusting tendons around the kneecap.

MPFL reconstruction surgery is a specialised procedure that requires extensive training and expertise to ensure successful outcomes. Once the preparatory steps are complete, the surgeon can harvest one hamstring tendon (typically the gracilis) for constructing an MPFL ligament replacement. After harvesting, the surgeon moves on to reconstructing the new ligament by carefully placing it in its anatomical position and securing it with either suture anchors or medial soft tissue balancing procedures to realign forces across the joint.

Following the procedure, patients will be advised to take it easy for a few days, use crutches if necessary and avoid activities that involve bending or putting pressure on the knee. A physical therapy program may be prescribed to help patients regain range of motion and strengthen the muscles around the joint. This may involve exercises such as leg lifts, heel slides and straight leg raises. It’s important to follow any instructions from the surgeon and physio therapist to help ensure a successful recovery. Patients typically return home the same day after the procedure and recovery time usually takes six to eight weeks

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