Foot and Ankle Arthritis

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Foot and ankle arthritis

Ankle arthritis is a condition that affects the joints of the foot and ankle causing pain, stiffness, and limited movement. It can be caused by a variety of factors such as age, trauma, or inflammatory conditions. Treatment typically consists of lifestyle changes, such as weight loss, physical therapy and medications. Surgical treatments for arthritis are available to provide relief and improve overall function in patients with severe cases. One procedure is ankle arthroscopy (keyhole surgery), which involves small incisions and the use of a camera and specialised instruments to remove loose cartilage, bone spurs, and inflamed tissues. This minimally invasive approach can help alleviate pain and improve range of motion.

In severe cases with significant bone loss and deformity, a fusion (arthrodesis) procedure may berecommended. This procedure involves permanently joining the arthritic bones, eliminating the damaged joint and creating a solid, pain-free joint. fusions can provide long lasting pain relief and stability, although it limits joint motion. It is important for patients to discuss their individual circumstances and preferences with anorthopedic surgeon to determine the most appropriate surgical treatment for arthritis of the foot and ankle.

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