Ankle Instability

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Ankle instability

Ankle instability is a condition that affects the ankle joint, causing it to be weakened and less able to support your body weight. It is characterised by repeated sprains and may lead to chronic pain or disability if not treated properly. The causes of ankle instability can be divided into two categories: traumatic and non-traumatic. Traumatic injuries occur due to a sudden force being applied to the ankle, such as when athletes land from a jump. Non-traumatic causes include overuse or repetitive strain injuries that occur due to activities done on a regular basis. Common activities that may lead to ankle instability include running, basketball, soccer,gymnastics and other sports that involve running and jumping.

Symptoms of ankle instability include pain or tenderness when the ankle is moved, a feeling of giving way when weight is placed on the foot, swelling, stiffness, and difficulty walking. Treatment options for ankle instability include physical therapy to strengthen and stretch the muscles and ligaments around the ankle joint. Braces or taping may also be used to help reduce pain and prevent further injury. Surgical treatment options for ankle instability are typically recommended for patients who do not respond to nonsurgical treatments or continue to experience persistent instability and pain after rehabilitation. Tendon reconstruction surgery focuses on repairing any damaged or stretched tendons that may be contributing to the ankle instability. This may involve tightening or reattaching the affected tendons to restore stability to the ankle joint.The goal of treatment is to restore normal function and stability to the ankle joint. It is important for patients to follow their surgeons’ instructions for rehabilitation and activity modification to ensure a successful outcome.

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